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For me, windows 7 blue screen was a big trouble. It made me frustrated several times. But lucky, a friend of mine recommend this tool and now I can fix windows 7 blue screen very easily.
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How to get rid windows 7 blue screen of death? This is a really easy question! Just use Registry Winner and all errors can be disappeared suddenly.
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How to Fix Windows 7 Blue Screen?

What is Blue Screen?

The Blue Screen (also called Blue Screen of Death) is officially known as a Stop Error or a blue check. When Windows encounters a critical error which is non-recovered and would cause the system to "crash", the blue screen will be displayed. It usually freezes your computer, rendering it useless without further intervention.

What are the main reasons for windows 7 blue screen error?

1 High temperature in your PC.

BSODs are often due to heating issues inside your computer.

2 Little Memory Space .
Some programs need more memory space to run and if there is not enough space, your computer system will crash probably and enhance the possibility of windows 7 blue screen.

3  Registry Errors.
The registry is essentially your operating system's index for your PC. One wrong entry in it will cascade into catastrophic failure. But each time you installing or uninstalling one program or taking any computer activity will lead to more and more leftovers left on registry which finally result in registry errors, thus, as time goes by, registry errors can not be avoided and that is why your pc is slower and slower and you meet with blue screen problem.

Several Steps to Fix windows 7 blue screen of death.

Before the beginning fixing, remove all CDs, DVDs and floppy disks from your PC.

1 Cool down your computer.
For desktops, try investing in a better cooling and fan system. For laptops, a cooling pad will do wonders in reducing the temperature of your system.

2 Add some RAM.
Adding RAM not only gives your computer a much needed boost, it also helps to keep the dreaded blue screen at bay. For certain Windows 7 machines, you can also use the system's ReadyBoost and add memory by just plugging in a USB 2.0 flash drive.

3 Fix Registry Errors
For the importance of registry, I do not advise that you fix registry errors manually. Because any mistake in editing it by yourself can cause some of your programs to stop running or worse, it can permanently render your computer inoperable.

Here I recommend you to use a good registry cleaner to finish this critical step. Registry Winner is a great registry cleaner. It can scan registry errors in a few mins and then fix all the errors suddenly. Unlike other registry cleaners, Registry Winner owns many functions. It not only just a registry cleaner to fix windows 7 blue screen but also can be a good Privacy Safeguard, Junk File Remover, File Shredder, PC Optimizer and IE Doctor.