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Startup Manager


I have been suffered from slow startup for a long time. However, since I used Registry Winner to help me manage startup programs, it starts much faster. This has really done me a favor!
-Brenda, LA, USA


I found many ways to remove startup programs but failed. Then I realized I needed a software to assist me. I searched out Registry Winner. From then on, my computer indeed began to start up quickly. Thanks very much!
-Bunny, Olympia, USA


Your product does help me a great deal! Since the first time I used it to scan my laptop, it runs faster and faster! Every time it can fix about 2000 errors, and I think the laptop is clean as a new one.
-Colton, San Francisco, USA





Speedup PC with the Startup Manager

Startup Manager

If you are suffering intolerably slow speed of Windows system, then you need to manage the startup programs of Windows because the accumulated startup programs will influence the speed of Windows startup. Thus you need a professional windows startup manager to remove the unnecessary ones so that Widows can start up more quickly.


Manual way to remove startup programs is not recommended, because it is less efficient, takes much more time and even a small careless or mistake can make your pc freezing. So, you should equip your computer with a startup manager. I recommend you to run a free download of Registry Winner, an award-winning and top- bestselling PC tool. According to a survey, this is the most efficient startup manager.


How does this Nice Startup Manager Work?

One click of “Startup Manager” can list all the startup programs after one minute. Then you can check all the unnecessary items and remove them. After removing those, you will enjoy a high-speed PC startup.

Startup Manager
Startup Manager

Why should You Choose Registry Winner?

Save your time

The scan of Registry Winner is two times quicker than any other like ware. In less than one minute you can view all startup items and get suggestions to optimize your startup for better computer performance. Then your computer can start faster than ever before.


Optimize Windows system thoroughly

Registry Winner can also perform a full optimization of Windows system. Besides the “Startup Manager” function, it also has functions of “Uninstall Manager”, “Registry Cleaner”, “Junk Cleaner”, “IE Tools”, “Windows Updates”, “Memory Optimizer” and so on. These functions can help you clear all the registry and Windows errors, delete junk files and temp files, repair DLL errors, solve all kinds of IE problems, save the space of your PC and RAM and manage PC programs. Thus, your computer will be kept in a healthy state and it will run as fast as a new one.


More efficient than any others
The errors Registry Winner find and repair are usually two times more than those similar ones can find. Once fixed by Registry Winner, the errors will not appear again and again.


In all, only if you equip your PC with the most efficient startup manager, Registry Winner, then the problem of slow Windows startup will never concern to you.