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I found many ways to fix slow Windows startup. However, I was afraid my wrong operations may lead to more serious problems because I was a novice, thus I realized I needed a software to assist me. Then I searched out Registry Winner. From then on, my computer indeed began to start up quickly, and even Windows system runs quickly now. Thanks very much!
-Teresa, USA


My computer used to start up very slowly, and it always took me about five minutes to start it up. However, since I used Registry Winner to help me optimize my PC, it can start within one minute. It does help me a great deal!
-David New York





How to Fix Slow Startup?

Are you feeling annoyed with the slow startup of your computer? Does the long startup time bother you a lot?

Do not worry any more! This article will help you solve this problem.


What Causes Slow Startup?

*The most common reason: You run too many startup items (such as MSN, some search engines, antivirus software and so on), and many of which are useless for you.


*Other reasons: Registry errors, accumulation of junk files and programs, deficient RAM and Windows errors lead to slow startup.


How to Fix Slow Windows Startup?

I recommend you a good assistant named Registry Winnerwhich can remove startup items quickly. Install Registry Winner, and choose "Startup Manager" under the column of "optimize PC". Then check all the unnecessary items and remove them. After reducing some startup items, you will find your PC start up much faster than ever before.


Registry Winner can also solve the problems of registry errors, accumulation of junk files and programs, deficient RAM and Windows errors that lead to slow startup.


You can choose "Registry Cleaner", "Junk Cleaner" and "File Shredder" under the column of "Scan and Clean". Then it will scan and clear all the registry errors or junk files in several minutes. Thus, a lot of space of your PC and RAM will be saved, and then solve your slow startup.


TIP: To fix slow Windows startup and start up your computer quickly, you should reduce startup items and save a lot of space.