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After consulting some experts, I found the real reason of the intolerable speed of my PC. Now I know I have to optimize Windows system regularly in order to keep it healthy. I chose Registry Winner at last to optimize my PC. It really helps me a lot!
-Brock Mill, New York, USA


My pc was out of control because of registry errors. Then I follow the advice of a friend, I began to optimize Windows with Registry Winner. It solves all my troubles, and I have used it for more than a year.
-Lark Wood, West Virginia, USA

With Registry Winner, I can completely get rid of junk files. It helps me remove all the useless programs. Every week I use this Windows optimizer to scan my computer, XP optimization is not a hard work for me, and I even recommended it to many of my friends.
-Roberta Sterling, Canada





How to Optimize XP System?

Optimize XP

Do you want to optimize XP system thoroughly and get rid of intolerably bad PC performance?

However, it's almost impossible to fulfill this task manually as even a small mistake will lead to pc freeze. Thus, you need to optimize xp to fix xp freeze with one effective software. I recommend Registry Winner which can perform an all-round optimization of your PC.


To optimize XP comprehensively, you need to follow the below steps with the assistance of Registry Winner for several clicks automatically.


Simple Steps to Optimize XP:

Optimize XP
Optimize XP

1. Clear Your Registry.
People usually ignore registry errors. However, if they are not cleaned out regularly, they will make Windows operate more and more slowly. Choose "Registry Cleaner" in the column of "Scan and Clean", this PC cleaner will perform a full scan and fix registry errors to optimize XP in just one minute.

2. Clean Your Evidence.
With the function of "Evidence Cleaner", you can choose to clean whatever recorded on your PC (for example Internet browsing history) to save much more space as well as protect your privacy.

3. Clean Junk Files.
Junk files are inevitable as Windows system is running which can occupy the space in hard drive, thus your PC will perform much more slowly. Therefore, you need to optimize Windows and remove junk files regularly. Choose "Junk Cleaner", click "Scan Now" and in less than one minute, all the junk files will be cleared.

4. Optimize your PC with "Startup Manager", "Uninstall Manager" and "System Optimizer" functions. Registry Winner can help you uninstall some unnecessary startup programs and software and shred some unwanted files without recovery, thus, your computer will run much more quickly than ever before.

5. Manage Your IE.
One of the most powerful functions of Registry Winner is the BHO manager which is used to manage all IE objects installed on your PC system by blocking malicious infection. Thus all the automatic running of Java script vicious software can be deleted.


By following the above steps, you can optimize XP in just several minutes. Then your PC will run as fast and smoothly as a new one.

Tip: You should optimize XP with a PC optimizer like Registry Winner regularly such as weekly or monthly to keep your PC in the best state.