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Optimize Registry


My computer used to run unstable, and I had no idea of what to do with it because I didn't know the exact reason even if I was eager to solve this problem. After consulting some computer experts, I came to know that my registry needs an optimization. They recommended me Registry Winner which is convenient for novices. Then this problem was immediately solved!
-Dallin Carter,Georgia, USA


Since the first time I used Registry Winner to optimize registry, the speed of my computer has indeed been improved a lot! Thanks!
-Dunstan Kent,Idaho, USA


I have never imaged that registry needs to be optimized and registry has something to do with the regular operations of PC. I had better choose a software as it must be optimized. The reason why I chose Registry Winner is that it offers me convenient and helpful services.
-Chal,Montana, USA





How to Optimize Registry?

Optimize Registry

Brief Introduction of Registry

Before we talk about how to optimize registry, let’s first learn something about computer registry.


Registry is the database that records Windows users' data, the condition of running programs, software set-up and settings of operating system on the hard drive. The main function of registry is to sum up all the petty and slight data, and then record them down.


With the constant use of Windows, the data recorded in the registry will grow larger and larger, and many corrupt or invalid entries may also clutter it up. Then you will find that your PC read information more and more slowly, and various problems such as blue screen keep popping up. Therefore, it would be very beneficial to regularly optimize registry and maintain the health of the whole operating system.


How to Optimize Registry?

A great many useless junk files will be left on your registry with the frequent use (such as installation and uninstallation of some software and the modification of Windows settings) of Windows system. If not deleted in time, these futile items and useless resources will result in a problematical computer. When it is serious, Windows system can't operate normally and even cannot get started.


In order to avoid this, you should remember to optimize registry regularly. However, it is impossible to clear it manually. I recommend those who are annoyed with various PC problems a good registry cleaner---Registry Winner, which can perform a quick scan of your computer and then offer an all-round diagnosis and optimization.


Optimize Registry
Optimize Registry

Use Registry Winner immediately! You will fulfill the optimization of your PC after several easy clicks with this registry optimizer.

1. Download Registry Winner. Run it after the installation.
2. Choose "Registry cleaner" under the column of "Scan and Clean". Following the hints, you can choose whatever you want to scan. Then click "Scan Now".
3. After a quick scan, Registry Winner will list all the items and amounts of errors. You can either choose what you do not want to delete or click "Repair All".


Your registry will be optimized within the above three steps. Registry Winner not only possesses the function of Registry Optimization--which can optimize registry quickly and effectively, but offers different kinds of backups as well. I suggest you to prepare a backup for your system before optimizing the registry. If the deleted data influences the running of Windows system, you can click the backups to restore your system.

Choose Registry Winner--the professional pc optimizer, and then you can optimize registry safely with its comprehensive functions.