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How to Optimize Memory?

You would never realize the problem of small memory until your computer operates so slowly that you can’t bear it any more, then you begin to wonder how to optimize memory. This article will help you achieve this and recommend you a good pc memory optimizer.


Five Ways to Optimize Memory

1. Regulate the volume of cache area

Windows put the data in cache area so that CPU can read them more quickly. You can either let Windows set the volume of cache automatically or set it manually so that data can be read quickly.
You can follow the following steps to regulate it.

① Right click "My Computer"
② Single click "Properties"
③ Single click "File system" in the label of "Property"
④ Drag "Optimization of Pre-reading" in the "Hard Disk" and set term of pre-reading
⑤ Set the proportion of cache in the column of "Main functions"


2. Optimize the data in pc memory


Delete all the unnecessary short-cut icons. If the resource is deficient, you can try a memory optimizer tool. I recommend you this registry cleaner - Registry Winner. With the function of "Memory Optimizer", it can manage and optimize memory with a single click, and optimize startup programs and Windows system at the same time.


3. Keep watch on pc memory


Choose "Help/About Windows" in any document window, you can see how much of memory being used. You should optimize it if the memory resource is less than 60%, or it will seriously influence PC speed and function.


4. Release memory in time

Releasing memory means releasing some date from the pc memory. This is also a method to clear memory and you can achieve this with the following two ways.
① Restart your computer.
② Close the unnecessary programs, including those running in the background.
Attention: printing in the background occupies a lot of room.


5. Improve the function of other components


Other components of computer (for example, CPU, hard disk and video random access memory) can also influence the efficiency of the whole system.

If you want to optimize memory, just follow the above steps. These easy steps will keep your PC in the best condition. If you know little about computer or want to save time, please try Registry Winner which can help you do all these things above automatcally and safely.