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how to remove cookies

Instructions to Remove Cookies

I have never thought about the insecurity of cookies until one of my friends used my computer to log into my Facebook account. Thanks to Registry Winner, I can clear them completely even I really do not know how to remove cookies.
-Gypsy, Nebraska


I used to clear cookies from different browsers one by one to protect my privacy—it is truly time-consuming and often I forget to delete them after a browsing. Now I can just use Registry Winner to find them all out and quickly delete them all with one click before I shut down the computer. It is convenient, and you are marvelous!
-Kirsten, Massachusetts


Thank you for offering me an easy way to protect my privacy and speed up my computer at the same time. Registry Winner is great!
-Alcott, Illinois





How to Remove Cookies from Internet Browsers

how to remove cookies

It is very necessary to know how to remove cookies so that you can free up your hard disk space and protect your privacy. Here you can learn everything you need to know about cookies.


What Are Cookies and Why Should Delete Cookies?

Cookies are files that automatically stored by different internet browsers to record some browsing information, such as username, password, email address, which page you’ve viewed before on a website and so on. Therefore, next time you visit the same website, these cookies can speed up your browsing by recalling and filling in the necessary information about you.


Cookies are harmless or even helpful, but as time goes by, those files will take up much hard disk space and may make it easy for others sharing your computer to pry into your personal information—that’s why you should know how to remove cookies.


How to Remove Cookies?

How do I delete cookies?—you might want to ask. Well, for different internet browsers and versions, the specific instructions on how to remove cookies are also different. Here you can learn how to remove cookies from computer step by step (only list the most commonly used browsers):


1. How to remove cookies from Internet Explorer:

IE 9: open IE and click on “Tools” button—point to “safety” and then click “delete browsing history”—check the “cookies” box, then click “delete”.


IE8: click on “Tools” and go to “Internet Options”—under “General” tab, click Delete under "Browsing History"—check “Cookies” and click “delete”.


2. How to remove cookies from Mozilla Firefox:

Click on Tools, then “Options” (or Edit | Preferences on Linux)—select Privacy—In the Cookies panel, click on Show Cookies—to remove a single cookie click on the entry in the list and click on the Remove Cookie button, to remove all cookies click on the Remove All Cookies button.


3. How to remove cookies from Google Chrome:

Click the “Tools” button—click Settings from the dropdown list—on the left-hand panel, click “Under the Hood”—click “Clear Browsing Data” and select a timeframe—make sure “Delete Cookies” and “Other Site and Plug-In Data” is checked—click Clear Browsing Data.


4. From Opera:

Go to “Tools”, then “Delete Private Data” and then “Details”—to delete all cookies, uncheck anything you want to keep (ex. history, saved passwords, cache, etc.) and then click “Delete”; to delete specific cookies, go to “Advanced” and then “Cookies”. Select the cookies you wish to delete and press Delete.


How to Delete Cookies from Computer (from All the Internet Browsers on Your Computer)?

If you are using 2-3 browsers to surf the internet, clearing cookies may be a little troublesome, for you have to open the browsers one after another to perform the deletion. How about deleting them all with just one click?


Registry Winner is a professional computer optimizer which can thoroughly scan all the browsers installed on your computer, list the cookies, temporary files and browsing history in details and provide you with one-click quick deletion of them all.


With Registry Winner, you need not search for the means of cookies deletion from any specific browser. Just one click can help you get rid of all the cookies on your computer. You can download it right now and have a try!