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how to make my computer faster


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How to Make My Computer Faster?

how to make my computer faster

Does your computer run extremely slowly? Do you begin to ask yourself ‘how to make my computer faster’? Well, there are variety reasons for this, let’s look at how to fix it!

How to Make My Computer Faster Manually

If your computer just runs a little bit slowly and comes with a few errors, then you can choose to make computer faster by hands by following these steps:


1. Free up disk space


When your PC is running, it will be certainly filled up with some unneeded programs and unneeded files, including junk files, useless IE cache and cookies, etc. So in order to solve your problem of ‘how do I speed up my computer’, you need to clean all of the useless files to free up disk space.


Here I will just show ‘how to make my computer faster’ by deleting unneeded startup programs:

Click "Start"--Run--Type in msconfig--Under the "startup" tab, then you can delete unwanted startup programs.


2. Fix Windows registry errors


Registry is a crucial component of your computer and if it is corrupted, then you will get lots of PC errors such as freeze, blue screen errors and crash etc. So, you need to clean up registry errors regularly to solve ’how to make my computer faster’ problem.


However, it cannot be fixed by hands, as a little error during the process will cause more serious problems of your PC. Therefore, run a Registry cleaner regularly to keep your system be away from registry errors.

Ask Registry Winner for Help

A professional Registry Cleaner, such as Registry Winner will perform the above two steps within seconds to solve ‘how to make my computer faster’ problem.


How to make computer run faster with Registry Winner:


* Registry Cleaner

With several clicks, it will remove junks and unnecessary registry entries. With just a scan of your computer, it will detect all of the obsolete registry entries and errors.


*The Disk Manager & Cleanup tool

It will free up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer, including delete temporary internet files, Windows temporary files and junk files and uninstall unneeded programs completely.


By following the guidelines above, you will know how to make my computer faster. Registry Winner will speed up PC and make it run more smoothly than before!