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I found the exact reason of the intolerable speed of my PC is I didn’t clean it regularly. Then under the recommendation of a friend I began to use Registry Winner. It can clean my pc quickly and easily!
-Dixie, Boston, USA


Registry Winner can clean computer comprehensively within only two minutes. Now it doesn’t have any errors and runs as fast as a new one! Thanks a lot!
-Vala, London, UK


With Registry Winner, I can clean pc completely . I ran several other ware, they each found 800 to 1000 errors, but Registry Cleaner found 2200! Your product is really great!
-Clifford, San Francisco, USA





How to Clean My PC?

How to Clean PC

Are you suffering intolerably slow speed of your PC or does it perform awfully? Or you often ask yourself about "how to clean my pc"? On this condition, your PC is filled with too many junks or errors. You should pay close attention to these junks and errors, or they will gradually break down Windows system. However, PC can not be cleaned manually because junks and errors will appear again and lots of unseen junks can not deleted by hands.


Thus, if you want to clean pc thoroughly, you need a specialized cleaner. I recommend Registry Winner, a PC cleaner that can clean computer and perform an all-round optimization of your PC and make your PC run fast and stably. You can free download this software and have a try.

Main Functions of Registry Winner to Fix the Trouble of "Clean My PC"

1. Registry Cleaner
Registry errors can not be ignored. If not cleaned regularly, they will seriously influence PC performance. The function of "Registry Cleaner" can perform an automatically all-round scan of registry and clean all the registry errors in about one minute.


2. Evidence Cleaner
With the function of "Evidence Cleaner", you can clean whatever was recorded on your PC (for example Internet browsing history & PC activities) to save RAM space as well as protect your privacy.

3. Junk Cleaner
The more junk files your PC is occupied with, the less space the hard drive will have. With the accumulation of junk files, your PC will run more and more slowly. The function of "Junk Cleaner" can help you clean all the junk files in less than one minute after a full scan.

4. File Shredder
This function can shred all the unwanted files thoroughly without recovery to protect your privacy and spare space at the same time.

5. Startup Manager
If you run too many startup items (such as MSN, some search engines, antivirus software and so on), Windows will start up slowly. Thus you need to remove the unnecessary startup programs. The function of "Startup Manager" can manage startup programs, you can add or remove all the necessary or unnecessary startup items.

6. Uninstall Manager
One click helps to completely delete unwanted files to spare RAM space to clean pc.

7. System Optimizer
This function can perform an all-round optimization of Windows system with one click so that it can run stably. It can also clear IE cache so that browsing a website can be faster.

8. Memory Optimizer
You will never realize the problem of small memory until your computer became slower and slower. This function helps to save the space of memory by regulating the volume of cache area, optimizing the data in memory, keeping watch on memory to optimize memory in time.

9. IE Tools
The function of "IE Tools" in Registry Cleaner can optimize IE settings
(such as Internet connection), repair IE errors, delete IE URL history, and deal with all specialized IE problems.

Using the above functions of Registry Winner, you will solve "how to clean my pc" in several minutes. Then it will start and run as fast and smoothly as a new one.