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Fix Slow Internet


Thanks to Registry Winner, Internet Explorer runs much faster and more stably. It solves the problem of malicious plug-ins.
-Alden, UK


Internet used to start very slowly, and I didn’t get rid of this problem until I used Registry Winner. This full-featured software has really helped me fix slow pccompletely! Thanks!
-Dugan, CA, USA


IE used to run deviant. I tried many ways but in vain, and IE errors appeared frequently. Registry Winner has completely solved this problem! If you also searching about how to fix slow pc, Registry Winner is the best choice.
-Clinton, Canada





How to Fix Slow Internet Professionally?

Fix Slow Internet

Does it take you a pretty long time to open a website, or does Internet run slowly and unstably?


Reasons for slow Internet vary a lot. When too many automatically installed malicious software occupies your computer, or when some viruses are attacking it, or when the registry or Windows system has too many errors, Internet will run slowly, so it may be suddenly closed. That is to say, we all need to know how to fix slow internet.


Simple Steps to Fix Slow Internet:

The following steps will illustrate all the efficient methods to fix slow internet.

1. Open "control panel"--- Click "Add or Remove Programs", and remove all the malicious ware such as "ebay"and"toolbar".


2. Enter "Common Files" in the column of "program files" in disk system---Press [ctrl+F] to search all the files---Look for "update" and "res" and delete them because they are the files that can automatically download some adds.


Fix Slow Internet
Fix Slow Internet

3. Remove plug-ins.
①Enter C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files, and delete all the files here.
②Open a browser window---Klick "Tools"---"Delete
Files" ---"Conventions"---"Internet Options"---Confirm


Thus 60% of the plug-ins are deleted. The columns of other plug-ins can not be identified, that is to say you cannot fix slow Internet manually.


On this condition, I recommend Registry Winner which can perform an automatic scan of your PC, and delete all the unnecessary plug-ins in about two minutes. If you mistakenly delete some useful items, Registry Winner can also recover them.


4. When registry or Windows system has too many errors, you need to clear them thoroughly. Registry Winner can also fulfill this task.


After a quick scan, it will find out and clear all the registry errors, Windows errors and PC errors in several minutes. Compared to other software, the scan of Registry Winner is quicker and more comprehensive.


Remember, you can never fix slow Internet and also other errors manually because they will appear again with everyday use of your computer.


5. Check and delete viruses regularly. Do not forget to update your anti-virus ware.


All in all, do not feel disappointed when the Internet is slow, just follow the above steps, and you will enjoy the high-speed Internet. In other words, Registry Winner can help fix slow internet in an easy and professional way, with the purpose to highly improve your PC speed and performance.