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EXE Error! Solution!

Have you been annoyed with the frequent exe error? Do you want to fix it permanently? This article will illustrate what causes exe error and introduce the best and easiest way to fix it.

Reasons and Solutions to EXE Error

1. Deficient system resource


Solution: Do not open too many programs at the same time. You can enlarge the virtual memory by closing some programs.


2. Damage of system files.


Solution: Check the file of explorer.exe whose normal size is 237k or 238k.

If this file is damaged, you can copy another one from other computers.


3. Viruses.


Solution: It is no doubt that you should clear all the viruses. However, this is not enough because sometimes anti-virus software is useless. You should update Windows system frequently.


4. Error of the system core.


Solution: Free download Registry Winner to optimize Windows system.

You can optimize your system with functions of "Startup Manager", "Uninstall Manager" and "System Optimizer". Registry Winner can help you remove all unnecessary startup programs, uninstall all useless software and shred all unwanted files without recovery, thus, Windows will run much faster than ever before.


5. RAM error.


Solution: In this condition, you can clear your PC. Free download Registry Winner, then this PC cleaner will perform an automatically full scan, and in several minutes all the errors will be cleaned.


Do not worry when you meet with exe error. Follow the above steps one by one, and it will be fixed easily. Then your PC will run as a new one.