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Your product has really done me a favor! I don’t need to worry my privacy will be given away again, for your product helps me delete unwanted files permanently.
-Ballard, UK


I used to be very annoyed that I couldn’t delete some files permanently no matter what method I tried. Then I found Registry Winner. It deleted all what I don’t need easily and permanently!
-Edda, St Paul, USA


Registry Winner solves the problem of deleting files which troubled me a great deal! Thanks a lot! If I update my computer in the future, I will continue to use your product.
-Birch, Washington D. C.





Delete Files Permanently

This article will illustrate the importance of deleting files and how to delete files you don't need permanently.

Erase Files from PC

People always tend to remove files which they do not need or which they do not want others to see. However, they always find that all the files can not be deleted completely. Even they clear the trash, the files can also be recovered, thus some privacy will be given away. I know many people are extremely worried about it, so I will illustrate an easy way to delete files completely.

The Easiest Way to Delete Files permanently

You can free download Registry Winner and use the function of "File Shredder " to shred files permanently. Choose " File Shredder" in the column of "Scan and Clean", and click "File" or "Directory" to add any file or item you want to delete. If you find what you add is still useful, you can choose to put it back.

After picking out the files what you want to delete, click the "Shred" button. Then in several seconds , Registry Winner will delete them permanently which can not be recovered any more. To make your operation safer, you can choose "safe" or "thorough" which will offer 3 or 7 overwrite passes.


Different from other products I have ever used, Registry Winnerr is much easier to operate and more efficient to delete folders or files permanently. After a single click, all those you do not want to keep will be deleted without recovery. The whole process of deleting a file will last only several seconds and even specialized software can not recover what Registry Winner has deleted.


Apart from "File Shredder", Registry Winner also possesses many other functions. It can also fix registry errors, fix Windows errors as well as IE errors, manage startup programs, manage Internet Explorer and optimize Windows system. All the operations can be fulfilled in about several minutes or even seconds.


Free download Registry Winner immediately and use it to delete files permanently!