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Clear Cookies


One day I found my personal information was given away. I was very angry. Then my friend told me it was due to cookies. But I do not know how to clear cookies. He recommended me "Registry Winner", a software which can completely clear cookies. Since then I have used "Registry Winner" for several months, and it’s really a good assistant!
-Douglas Jones, New Jersey, USA


"Registry Winner" is the exact software that I have long been looking for! It scans my PC quickly and can clear internet cache completely. Now I don’t need to worry about how to remove cookies. What’s more, it makes my PC faster and faster.
-Geoff Martinson, New York, USA





How to Clear Cookies?

Clear Cookies

You may not be familiar with the word "cookies", but have you ever been curious why your personal information or E-bank account was given away?

One of my friends came across such a trouble last week, then after consulting me, he came to know it is the cookies that give away his privacy.

Generally speaking, cookies are small text files that some websites restore on your PC so that next time when you browse the same site, it will read your information through cookies and react accordingly.

However, cookies can be also dangerous because when other people use your computer, they will get to know your information. For example, when you surf the Internet in a public place or in an Internet bar, you should clear cookies instantly to protect your privacy.


There are two ways to clear cookies:

Clear Cookies

Clear Cookies

A.If you want to clear cookies manually, you can follow the following steps.

1.Open Internet Explorer.
2.Select the Internet Options command on the Tools menu.
3.Click Delete Cookies button on the General tab.
4.Click Delete Files button on the General tab. Then select delete all offline content.
5.Refresh or restart your IE.

However, some cookies can’t be deleted manually which you can not see and will cumulate your pc to make system run more and more slowly.


B.If you want to completely get rid of cookies and protect your privacy, then you need one specialized software. I recommend you a software named "Registry Winner" which can help you clear cookies as well as junk files and errors at any time. Different from other software, "Registry Winner" is more efficient and convenient. After a single click, it will perform an all-around scan and help you clear up all the cookies, junk files and errors in several minutes. Registry Winner is good for my friend mentioned above, and he use it to scan his PC weekly. Now his PC gets much faster, and don’t need to worry about his privacy any more.