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Clean Temp Files


I didn’t realize the damages of temp files until my PC got slower and slower. Then my friend recommended me to clean junk files and use "Registry Winner". Now my pc operates smoothly. Thanks!
-Sandy Brown, Liverpool


This time I find the exact reasons of slow PC. Thanks to this temp files cleaner, it shows me the best way about how to clean temp files. And it can clean temp files completely, and my computer is as quick as a new one. It is a wonderful temp file cleaner.
-Joycey Moore, California, US




How to Clean Temp Files Easily?

Clean Temp Files

If your PC is occupied by too many junk files, the space in hard drive will decrease. Thus your PC will be slower and slower and you need to clean temp files immediately.


Is There Any Way to Avoid Temp Files?

Temp files are produced with the running of Windows system, and they are inevitable as long as Windows system is running. So, what we can do is finding the best way to clean temp files on our PCs.


Clean Temp Files
Clean Temp Files

Temporary Files, for example: *.tmp, *._mp, *.gid, *.chk, *.old and *.bak in the Trash and so on. Some temporary IE files can take up more than 100MB space. If you want to surf the Internet light-heartedly and oprate pc smoothly, you should clean temp files regularly.

How to Clean Temp Files Instantly?

Use "Registry Winner"

Install "Registry Winner", choose "Junk Cleaner", and click "Scan Now". In less than one minute, your PC will be fully scanned, and then you can clean temp files completely.


"Registry Winner" is faster, more efficient and more convenient to clean temp files. Besides, it can quickly scan and optimize pc in just a few minutes by cleaning registry errors thoroughly. What’s more, this junk files cleaner has no influence on other running programs and can only do good to PC operation.