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Under the recommendation of a friend, I tried Registry Winner. This is really a good tool which helps me effectively fix blue screen errors.
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Fix Blue Screen Error

I am sure every computer user has ever experienced blue screen which is also called Blue screen of death. Though better operating systems have been developed, the frequency of blue screen error never goes down because of users’ indeliberate wrong operation or some errors from systems.


Most users have no idea of how to stop blue screen, and some of them even hold the idea that this is a temporary phenomenon which will finally disappear. Unfortunately, they are completely wrong! Blue screen can be a permanent problem because of that the PC applications and programs will hang, the screen will freeze, and Windows system will gradually break down.

To fix blue screen error, you should known how it happens.

Most blue screen error is caused by corrupted registry which is always ignored because people have little knowledge about registry. PC registry, the central part of a computer, is the hidden database that stores all the system options and codes of PC programs. So when there are some errors in the registry, all the PC programs including Windows system will be influenced. Then blue screen of death will frequently appear.

Cleanning the registry and fixing registry errors thoroughly is the first step

However, it’s almost impossible to fulfill this task manually because registry is quite complex. On this condition, you should equip your computer with a good PC registry cleaner.

A top-ranking PC repair tool which can help you fix blue screen by scanning your computer thoroughly and clearing all the PC errors efficiently. Thus, Windows system is optimized, and the problem of how to fix blue screen of death is also solved.